Use better data to learn - and show your successes.

Talentcare has always been data-driven. It’s central to everything we do. We have built the perfect data package for each service bundle, or you can engage our data analyst team for custom reporting needs.

Core Reports

These reports come standard with our Core services bundle, and provide key metrics about your career site, candidate funnel and user adoption.

Front-End Reports

Included with our Front-End services bundle, this set includes Core Reports + key data and insights from Employer Branding and job board reputation management.

End-to-End Reports

With End-to-End services come End-to-End reports! This set includes all the above reports, plus end-to-end recruiting and retention data.

Custom Analyst

Need to know more? Engage our analyst team to develop the custom business intelligence reports you need. Examples custom reports: patient demand influence on hiring forecast, missed revenue due to talent constraints, and more.