Get the recruiting results you always wanted.

Talentcare’s recruiting systems are designed for scale and consistency. We recruit those frontline, hourly roles across your locations responsible for delivering your brand promise — from the first face customers see walking in the door, to those supporting your services behind the scenes.

With our end-to-end solution, Talentcare manages flow and screening – which means no more time wasted interviewing candidates who won’t fit well within the job or culture! 

Hiring Manager Workbench

For roles Talentcare recruits, your hiring managers have full access to our ATS technology. This includes mobile candidate presentations, easy & clickable next actions, and timely reminders to enhance system use.

Automated Interview Scheduling

Eliminate the back-and-forth hassle of scheduling interviews — add candidate interview self-scheduling to your hiring manager workflow.

HRIS Integration

Trigger onboarding activities and eliminate data double-entry by sending candidate offer and hire data to your HRIS or onboarding system automatically.

Recruiting Reports

Not only will you receive action-oriented reporting for hiring managers and operational leaders, but you will also receive complete end-to-end data to understand the full impact of talent on your business, including flow, cycle times, turnover, and more.