We imagined the future of talent. Then we built it.

Do you ever find yourself thinking that there must be an easier way? We did, too! So, we built a team, the technology, and the reports we needed to make it easier for all of us — you included.

The tools you use matter.

We have a whole technology philosophy — it starts with service first, because even a great ATS can’t solve everything. We shaped our HR tech to make our own jobs as recruiters easier. With better systems and better data came better process, and so we continually invested in technology and data. As more and more clients asked us about our “secret sauce,” we finally decided we were selling the wrong thing! We were recruiters first because we were meant to share what we had learned along the way about how to make recruiting easy.

One team, many talents.

Our leadership team is comprised of data analysts, process designers, project managers, brand creatives — and yes, even a few recruiters.

Eric Smith

Founder & CEO

Intrepid Skipper

Jeremy James

Co-Founder & EVP of Technology

Ice Breaker

Michelle Hawkins

Director of Recruiting

Athletic Alum

Elle Aldridge

EVP of client Services

People Watcher

Simon Kim

Senior Engineer


Shannon Wallen

Director of employer branding & advertising

Weekend Getawayer

Ninad Pandit

SVP of client Services

Fearless Traveler

Brady Brown

Director of Implementation

Family Rancher

Tim Driscoll

VP of Client Services

Dog Loyalist

Ben Adair

VP of Client Experience


Tanya White

SVP of Marketing


Mohini Tellakat, PhD

Director of Business Intelligence

Taker of Photographs