Tell Your Story – The Right Way

Let’s start with what an employer brand isn’t – it isn’t your culture, it isn’t your mission and values and it isn’t your consumer brand. Your employer brand tells job seekers what they will experience working at your company and all the benefits of joining. By enhancing employer branding and candidate experience in recruitment, you can both attract better job seekers and keep them longer.

Take Control of Your Brand

Get Your Story Out There

The real story. Your current employees stick around for a reason, so make those reasons known. Does your company value community and continued growth? Incorporate that into your employer brand (website, career site, postings for a job, etc.) and you’ll attract talent who has the same values. When you begin hiring for culture fits, you’ll be amazed how well they perform and how long they stick around.

Create a Positive Candidate Experience

First, make sure all your job openings are published on the most popular job boards and your site. They have to see them! We can help you develop customizable templates, connect your job board accounts and simplify the posting for a job process. Second, show candidates what it would be like to be a part of your team in everything you post. Write job postings that include your values, include employee testimonials on your career site and mention employee benefits. The last thing you want to do is bring someone onto your team and have them not understand what your company is all about. Show it off.

Improve Business Practices

With the right employer value proposition (EVP), you’ll attract the talent you’ve always wanted. Every step of the process will help your company overall. The employer branding process allows you to identify areas of improvement and build the messaging you want. But it isn’t just a one-and-done type of thing. The final product has some upkeep. You’ll want to ensure your brand is attracting the correct audience and that you’re keeping up with your online reputation. You’ll need to keep it a priority in order to make sure all your goals are being met.

Make Your Employer Brand a Priority

In-Depth Brand Development Process

We’ll talk to your current employees, review your online reputation and analyze your overall brand representation. We will also look at what your competitors are doing and identify where you have opportunities to outshine your competition for talent. After the discovery phase, we will work together to decide the messaging you want out there.

Branded Career Site

Your career site is a key deliverable of the Employer Branding process. You’re going to want a good one. An enhanced career site that truly shows what it is like to work at your company will help potential employees understand what you are all about. Good news for you, Talentcare manages the branding process, website design, ongoing hosting and SEO.

Continuous Talentcare Support

We won’t leave you hanging. We will manage your career site, social orm (online reputation management) on popular job boards and provide actionable reports. Reports show how your Employer Brand is shaping your overall candidate funnel and help identify any additional opportunities to reach or engage job seekers who will fit well within your organization.

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Talentcare’s Brand Discovery process created enthusiasm and buy-in from hiring managers, who were finally able to see the benefit of a more overarching storyline. Traffic –and applicants -increased dramatically, specifically from Glassdoor, social media and organic search, now comprising nearly 20% of the candidate funnel.

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