Get in Front of the Candidates You Want

Talentcare’s Job Ad Management experts can help you get in front of your ideal candidates and understand the best options for your budget, time constraints, and markets. No more wasted time and spend.

Automate Job Advertising Based on What Works

Stop Repeating Yourself

How many times have you had to look for a new receptionist? Job templates will allow you to easily post your open positions to your website and job boards. Our experts will provide standard templates and can help you build custom ones, allowing you to standardize the hiring process.

Simplify Your Efforts

Post to various job sites and filter through all applications in one place. Seem too good to be true? Our applicant tracking system allows you to advertise jobs with the click of a button and filter through all candidates within the same platform.

Free Up Your Time

Stop wasting time trying to figure out what works. Talentcare will provide the reports and metrics that show you exactly what you should be doing and how you can repeat the process.

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How It's Done


Use templates to automatically distribute jobs to the best job advertising sites.


Connect your job board accounts to centralize and simplify the job ad posting process. Need to post jobs on a specialty site? Custom job board integration available!

Job Ad Reports

Monthly data and reports help you understand the return on investment, from flow and candidate quality to cost per applicant.

Align reports with your career site and ATS data to understand what’s happening at every step in the candidate funnel.

We play nice with others. Talentcare distributes jobs to job boards, improving your chances to land the best candidates.

Great job ad management starts with great data.

Read what our data experts say is coming in the world of recruiting.


I want to thank you Spavia for setting up Talentcare. I have had tremendous success so far in such a short time. Better than anything else we’ve used. I have never had so many responses from candidates in all my years.

Merirae Tackett, Owner, “Spavia at The Summit”, Reno, NV

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