More Stars Means More Applications

You don’t buy sweaters online without looking at reviews, do you? Well, candidates do the same thing when deciding to apply to your job openings. Don’t let unanswered or negative reviews ruin your reputation. Our online reputation management services are an important part of talent acquisition for companies of all sizes – so make it a top priority. 

Get (And Stay) Involved

Maintain Your Positive Employer Brand

Make your employer value proposition (EVP) known. Especially where job seekers are most – job boards. You’ll want to maintain your reputation on popular job boards and keep up with reviews. A negative review and a negative company response (or even worse, no response) can deter potential candidates.

Show Off

There are a million reasons why your company is amazing. Make it known! Encouraging employees to leave reviews will help build your street cred and show potential candidates all the great reasons they should apply.

Attract Top Talent

Companies with a bad online reputation have a lot of work to do if they want top-quality candidates. If you google your business and there is nothing there, candidates may think you are brand new or (ack) that you went out of business. A strong online reputation will get you in front of candidates and allow you to interact with them.

It's An Ongoing Process

Job Board Management

Talentcare takes complete ownership of Indeed and Glassdoor as related to reputation, but we keep the clients involved too. Clients can still develop postings for a job and sponsor ads on the platform, but they don’t need to worry about social orm (online reputation management). 

More Reviews

We send emails to new employees after a certain amount of days on the job to see what they think so far. We then have filters in place that will break down positive and negative experiences for the client to review. We also give the employees the option to have their comment directly posted to Indeed or Glassdoor – the places candidates are looking!

Review Responses

You don’t have the time to sit there, find all the new reviews and respond to them, so the Talentcare team will handle that process for you. Our online reputation management services allow you to dedicate your time to other things. We work with clients to build out a response library, so we know exactly how to handle every type of review. Even the negative ones that you don’t want out there tarnishing your brand.

Ready for us to takeover? Talentcare will manage your online reputation.

Do you have  Street Cred?

5 ways to beef up your small business reputation and land the best applicants. 


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