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Your Employer Brand

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Whether you need to transform your talent acquisition processes or create them from scratch, Talentcare can help. Our recruiting technology solutions will transform your current HR processes – from better usage of the applicant tracking system, to smarter job advertising, effective employer branding and even solutions to make high-volume recruiting easy. 

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Talentcare’s brand and reputation management bundle digs deep.

Here is what is included in our employer brand & reputation management bundle. It will help your company present its best foot forward and take back control of your brand in recruitment and talent acquisition. Take a look at all the pieces.

Build the Brand

Brand Development
Developing your employer brand and creating your value proposition begins with a discovery phase. We talk to your current employees, review your online reputation, look at employer reviews and analyze your overall brand representation. What does your current employee brand look like? Is your employee value proposition woven into your job ads? Is it depicting your company in the best light? Or do you want to represent yourself differently? We work together to define your employer value proposition and get the messaging right.

Competitive Analysis
What exactly are your competitors doing and how can you do it differently AND better? Talentcare identifies the differentiating trends and uses that to support your new unique talent employer brand.

Deploy the Brand

Enhanced Career Site Design & Job Board Branding
Your career site is your first impression. You're going to want a good one. It is also one way to improve candidate experience. An enhanced career site that truly shows what it is like to work at your company will help potential employees understand what you are all about. It is a big part of recruitment marketing, so don't let it fall through the cracks.

Your new employer branding will also be integrated into your job board postings and pages to create a cohesive story, while also building a better candidate experience.

Talentcare will design your career site and handle external employer branding. We also advise on SEO optimization.

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Enhance and Defend the Brand

Reputation Management
Talentcare handles your social orm (online reputation management) on the most popular job board platforms and company review sites to ensure an authentic representation of your Employer Brand in the places job seekers use most. We run campaigns to generate job board reviews and encourage employee comments about company, handle all review responses and manage clean up. Job seekers are looking at employee reviews of companies - do you know what your employee rating is?

Bulk Up With Optional Add-Ons

Want more recruiting solutions? We offer a variety of additional talent acquisition services add-ons to support your employer brand like an applicant tracking system, ad hoc job posting, enhanced job-posting reports, HRIS integration, psychometric & culture screening and multi-brand capabilities.

We are flexible and happy to discuss all your unique needs - our recruitment platform and hr recruitment software can do it all.

We've transformed hundreds of candidate experiences and employer brands, see who wore it best in these before and afters and the importance of employer branding in recruitment.

The Magic Features

The brand and reputation management bundle includes everything you need to attract top talent and keep up your reputation in tip-top shape (a HUGE piece of your recruitment strategy). See what our employer branding software and solutions can do for you.

Build the Brand

- Differentiating Brand Pillars - that support your brand value prop
- Competitive Gap Analysis
- Brand Discovery Data
- Brand Reveal

Deploy the Brand

- Career Site Design Creation
- Branding of Your Job Board Profiles
- SEO Guidance for Performance Enhancement

Enhance and Defend the Brand

- Reputation Management
- Employer Branding Campaigns to Generate Reviews
- Review Responses on Company Review Sites
- Job Board Reputation Monitoring
- Candidate Experience Tools

Optional Add-Ons

- Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Software - Our talent acquisition portal has everything you need in one place. Start creating positive hiring manager and candidate experiences in recruitment with our hr talent acquisition software.
- Multi Brand
- Career Site Hosting & Metrics

Ready to up your employer branding game? We are ready to be your talent acquisition partner.