Ever Dream of Cloning Your Best Performers?

To be clear, there is no DNA required for the kind of cloning we can do for you. The profile of the best performers in your industry, your roles and your culture are specific to your company. These profiles can be captured and used to find even more high-performing talent like them.  Talentcare’s pre-employment psychometric testing allows companies to hire candidates that fit within the company and perform well, eliminating bad hires and high turnover.

Better Hiring Decisions

Remove Bias

You and a candidate vibe well, so you interpret their answers differently and move them along the interview process when you disqualified someone else for the same answer. Stop trusting your gut and invest in an objective interview process that helps avoid this situation. You’ll be putting all candidates through the same process.

Save Time

Pre employment psychometric testing for companies allows you to instantly narrow down the candidate pool. You can dedicate your time to candidates whose assessment and test results match your company’s culture and business needs.

No More Bad Hires

You’ve dedicated all the time and effort onboarding a new employee… only to have them leave shortly after. Our pre employment psychometric testing will allow you to weed out candidates that won’t fit before they get too far along the interview process (or even hired). Don’t waste your time and money on bad hires.

Know What You're Looking For

Preferred Profiles

We work together with hiring managers to build preferred profiles to see what exactly the company is looking for in an employee. These profiles are based on top performers’ attributes. The assessment measures learning strengths, work style, and cultural fit.

Interview Guide

The interview guide, which features a standard set of questions that go along with a Preferred Profile, allows you to dig into the candidate’s results. If someone scores “left of range” or “right of range” there are recommended questions to ask to further qualify a candidate.

Employee Insights

We are all about data and you should be too. Using pre-screening assessments and tests also allows you to get a better understanding of your own employees, what their strengths & weaknesses are, and how you can go out and find a bunch of candidates just like your top performers. You’ll be able to uncover common trends, qualities to look out for and let them guide your whole recruiting process.

Interview questions don't matter - but data does. See how psychometric assessments and data can help you improve your interview process.

Psychometric testing helps identify top candidates.

See how it can be applied to a specific role. Download our “Seeing Things Clearly: How to Hire the Best Opticians” white paper.


We rely heavily on Talentcare’s predictive analytics when considering candidates for our clinics. There is no substitute for the right culture fit when building a lasting team.

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