White Paper Seeing Things Clearly:

How to Hire the Best Opticians

AUTHORS: Elle Aldridge, EVP of Client Services & Frankie Drennan, Marketing Specialist

Opticians are the primary salespeople in an optical practice, so obviously you’ll want to make sure you have the best on your side (and not at a competitor’s office). Good news. This guide will help you understand what type of person outperforms in this position and how you can identify these people throughout the interview process.

Talentcare works with hundreds of optometry practices across the country and has a strong grasp on what entails a good optician. Our research, experience and conversations with clients have taught us a thing or two.

  • The unexpected places ideal candidates are job-seeking
  • The core competencies to seek
  • How to identify top candidates throughout the interview process with the help of testing and guided behavioral questions

You'll want to see this. It is eye-opening. 

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