Attract Applicants for All Your Brands & Locations

Your best candidates are likely to recognize your local brand better than they will know the corporate brand. So why aren’t you recruiting that way? Our employer brand, career sites and applicant tracking software come with complete flexibility to decide which approach will be most powerful in attracting the best applicants: allow each brand to operate independently or adopt a common approach. You decide. 

It's All About Your Brands & Data

Maximized Candidate Flow

Never lose a candidate because they can’t find your openings. Whether you want to leverage your parent brand or use sub-brands (because sometimes local brand recognition is better for your market) our multibrand recruitment solutions can help. We’ll work together to determine how to brand each of your open positions for maximum candidate flow based on your growth model.

Money Saving Potential

Spend less on ads, while increasing candidate flow. How can you do it? By utilizing either your parent brand recognition or your sub-brand recognition you’ll increase organic flow because candidates are finding your open positions where they are searching aka Indeed and Glassdoor. You have the option to mix and match your branding strategy based on position, location and brand.

Data Driven Decisions

Not sure what is best? Our team can help you decide how many career sites you need, how to brand you openings and identify areas of improvement. We understand your unique needs and are here to help you make data driven decisions that will guide your company’s future.

The Full Package

All-in-One Applicant Tracking System

Our applicant tracking system is designed to make your life a breeze. You’ll be able to post jobs, advertise openings and filter through candidates for all of your brands in one central place. Segment the data and stop wasting time and money on inefficient processes. We will help you set up the ATS for your specific needs and help build out meaningful reports.

Multi-Branded Career Site

If you want one parent brand career site with all open positions we can do that, or if you want separate career sites for different brands, we can do that. We’ll work with you to build out easy-to-navigate career sites that make it easy for the applicant and your hiring team. All of this is under a compelling, unified employer brand across your whole enterprise.

Data By Brand

Our recruiting reports show you the data by brand. Where do you have to sink more money in and what is performing well on its own. Our HR data and metrics will help you understand what is happening within your company and how you can improve.

5 Ways to Get More Job Applicants By removing barriers and maximizing your candidate flow, you're setting up your business for better hires.

Talentcare knows multibrand rollups.

The leadership team of a Dermatology Buy & Build, was losing valuable time and resources to retention failure as well as inefficient and decentralized recruitment processes. This seemingly small issue was having a major impact on their rapid acquisition and de novo growth strategies.


“When I walk through the building I can feel the difference in the culture, that is due to the improvements in our recruiting and hiring process with Talentcare.”


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