5 Ways to Get More Job Applicants


5 Ways to Get More Job Applicants

We hear this question over & over again “How do I get more job candidates?” Well, we are here to tell you exactly what you need to do to start seeing your application submissions skyrocket.

First, accept the fact that you’re complicating the process. No matter what you’re doing right now, it can and should be easier. We’ve put together a list of recommendations that will transform your current recruiting process and increase candidate flow. Take notes!

Make It Quick, Simple & Easy

More than 85% of job seekers search for jobs on their phones. Make your application process mobile friendly and don't lose a great candidate because they weren’t near their computer. Do you know when most job candidates apply? Mondays between noon and 1 pm! People are looking during their lunch breaks, their commutes, or after putting their kids to sleep. Make it easy for them to multitask.

Remove login requirements. It takes up too much time and the second the candidate realizes it’s going to be complicated, they think “Nah, I don’t have time right now”. Who wants to create an account, come up with a password, log into their email to confirm and then set up a profile? No one.

Keep the application form short and simple. If a candidate sees a form that looks like it is going to take them 20 minutes to fill it out, they aren't going to. Remember – they’re multi-tasking.

Be A Real Person

Sure, automated messages and templates make your life easier, but they don’t always resonate well with candidates. If you use automated messages to help candidates move to the next steps, write them so it sounds like a conversation. You aren’t an IT robot, so don’t sound like one. Tweak messages and templates to sound like they are coming from a real person... have a personality, iRobot!

Text your candidates. It makes communication easier and creates a more “down-to-earth” feel. It will help you get the candidates through the process quicker and it will show them how easy the process is. They don’t have to wait around refreshing their mailbox for next steps. They can just communicate the way they always do!

Understand that People Aren’t Always Looking

Maybe they aren’t 100% sure if they are interested in new career opportunities. The easier it is for them to take action, the more people who will be willing to give it a shot. Remove the extra clicks and you’ll be surprised how many more applications you receive. Requiring a resume just to tell you they’re interested? No way! Let them send their name & contact info, and get their resume later.

Leverage What You Already Have

Show social sharing options on all your job ads and job applications. You never know who will see it and go “Ahh, I know someone who would be a perfect fit”.

Ask for referrals. People love supporting others, especially if they want to help promote one of their colleagues that they know will do the job well.

If you have a physical location, take advantage of all the customer traffic. Put a poster up in the window with a QR code that leads to your open positions, after all, they did make a huge comeback since the 2019 pandemiceveryone’s using them, it’s a thing!

Show Interest

Too many times, it is one-sided with the candidate being the only one to show interest. Don’t keep up this bad habit. Send them reminders and let them know you appreciate their time. It feels good and will help you build a meaningful relationship.

By removing barriers and maximizing your candidate flow, you're setting up your business for better hires. With all the new applicants, what comes next? You're going to have to narrow down the candidates and dedicate your time to finding out who will fit in best at your company. Our team at Talentcare can help you with that step, too.

Give us a shout if you need help managing all your new job candidates. We can help!