Use Data to Learn - and Show Your Successes

Data in the rearview mirror doesn’t help you do something in the future. 

Talentcare has always been data-driven. It’s central to everything we do. We have built data reports that allow you to identify trends in recruiting – from career site metrics to hiring manager performance. Our actionable applicant tracking system reports and talent acquisition reports help HR, marketing and operations solve problems between groups.

It's More Than A Bunch of Numbers

Metrics that Matter

Focus on the right KPIs. Nope, time-to-fill isn’t it. There are much more important metrics you should be focusing on if you want to improve your talent acquisition processes like cycle times and reputation management. Taking this approach based on candidate and hiring manager behaviors will provide you insight into the actions required to improve your outcomes.

Identify Your Top Talent & Repeat

Where are your top performers coming from? Being able to look at candidate funnel reports will allow you to see what’s working and repeat the process. You can see where you should be posting your job sites, what their experience looks like and how they moved along your interview process. Now go out and find a million more just like them.

Audit Your Current Processes

Are your hiring managers reaching out to candidates 5 days after they apply? Is your career site getting traffic but no “apply now” clicks? These are just two situations that could be ruining your recruiting efforts and the only way to know if it is happening to you, is to have the applicant tracking system reports that show it.

Data & Reports Our Clients Love

Candidate Source Report

Any system can tell you the cost per applicant or cost per visitor to your career site. Talentcare’s system can show you the cost of a hire and of a long-term employee. 

Regional managers report

There is a lot of finger-pointing that happens when your company has too many chronically open roles. Everyone wants to solve the problem but there isn’t a common set of data that allows them to solve the problem. Our applicant tracking system reports and data provide these insights sent weekly to your inbox.

Turnover Report

Lots of people calculate (many times incorrectly) the percentage turnover and feel great when they reduce it 1.7% over the previous month– but they have no idea why it decreased. And if it had happened to increase 10%, they would have to idea how to reverse it. Our reports allow you to see turnover by location, by role and by manager the data that allows you to create a plan to reduce turnover in the hotspots. 

Need more insights? Engage our data and business intelligence team (PhD included) to get you the information you need.

Data magicians will rule the world one day.

See how big data is transforming the recruiting world.


We loved Talentcare and picked them as our replacement because it’s just as easy to use. We get our jobs listed on the major job boards and a monthly meeting to dig into the data and help us improve our recruiting—all for less than we were spending before.

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