Case Study: Multibrand

Buy & Build

Rapid Acquisition &
Denovo Growth Strategies


A Broken Talent System

The leadership team of a Dermatology Buy & Build, was losing valuable time and resources to retention failure as well as inefficient and decentralized recruitment processes. This seemingly small issue was having a major impact on their rapid acquisition and de novo growth strategies. 

Alternative solutions were too expensive and inhibited growth.
Management was distracted by hiring and retention issues.
Non-viable candidates wasted valuable time & resources

A Streamlined Approach

This client engaged Talentcare to centralize the employment brand and streamline recruiting efforts, with a focus on improving retention over time through the implementation of predictive analytics for high turnover roles.

Talentcare’s advanced recruiting and screening methods have allowed the management team to remain fully focused on growth. They have already expanded into a second market and are now leveraging Talentcare’s ability to recruit in advance to evaluate out-of-state expansion options.

6 Months by the Numbers
Non-viable candidates
screened out
Brands added to
central career site

Addressing the Talent System

Employment Brand & Career Site
Recruitment in
Advance of Need
Market Research
Data-Driven Process Improvement

4 Keys to Success

Career Site

Central but multi-brand career site leveraged brand recognition across network.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics screening & rapidly aligned culture across acquisitions.

System Integrations

System integrations allowed for data benchmarking against long-term retention goals.

Managing Resources

Allowed management to focus on growth strategy.

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