What Not to Wear: Talentcare to the Rescue

When clients come to us looking to improve their recruiting process, our first order of business is to put ourselves in the potential applicants’ shoes.

  • What does the website look like?
  • Is it easy to find the jobs?
  • How many steps are required to apply?
  • Where can I learn what it’s really like to work for this company?

Most of the time, one (if not all) of these factors need improvement. A little bit of Talentcare pixie dust and we transform their employer branding. This is a foundational step toward better recruiting results.

  • Single Brand
  • Multi-Brand
  • Franchisee

KGH Autism Services


KGH Autism Services had a career site, but large blocks of copy deterred jobseekers from reading the benefits and perks of KGH. Jobs were listed at the bottom of the page and buttons linked to other pages, making it hard to navigate.


The newly branded site allows applicants to easily filter and navigate job postings, as well as see the reasons why they’ll love working there. It also features employee testimonials, a listing of perks & benefits and a KGH Autism Services employee career path map.



ClubCorp had a career site that featured employment brand content like copy and team pictures, but jobs were not listed on the homepage. There was an employment brand related video, but it was posted on a different webpage that was separate from the career site. Job seekers had a difficult time consuming content, navigating the site and there were too many steps to actually apply for a position.


The new site features an easy to navigate job board with filters that allow applicants to search by title, location, role type and even club vs. corporate opportunities. The “Why You’ll Love ClubCorp” section breaks down the importance of joining a team that works together, the variety of ClubCorp locations where applicants can develop their careers and why current employees love working there. The brand values are stated on the site and a quick video shows the different paths applicants can take within ClubCorp’s various brands.


FYZICAL Therapy & Balance Centers


FYZICAL’s original career site was very copy heavy and had a poor search experience for candidates. Despite an amazing brand affinity, job seekers had no way of learning all of the wonderful reasons to join a FYZICAL franchise. They were not telling their story well. Plus, if the location a job seeker searched had no openings, they were lost as a candidate.


The new site allows candidates to hear firsthand from current employees about how FYZICAL is changing the physical therapy industry, the patented equipment available only at FYZICAL practices, and the unbelievable bonds among the team that make the workday flow smoothly. With the addition of a talent network, FYZICAL can now leverage talent across the entire network, even when a specific location has no openings. The new employer brand shares the common story connecting independently owned practices with different cultures, perks and benefits, while mitigating joint employment risk for the franchisor.