Recruiting software that makes sourcing, hiring and filling open positions easy.

Our Core Bundle is customizable to match your needs – and your budget.

Our Core Bundle features the hr platform tech and solutions you need to get it done right. The bundle includes everything you need for a complete talent acquisition ecosystem – including a career site that matches the look and feel of your brand, applicant tracking capabilities and simple distribution to the most widely used job boards.

Make Hiring Easy

It’s much more than just applicant tracking software. The easy-to-use  HR SAAS software and solutions bundle includes everything you need to make hiring easy – including the Talentcare Team’s HR expertise that will be there along the way as you build a successful talent acquisition foundation. Hire the best with right web based hr software and systems.

Candidate Marketing

Career Site with SEO & Branding

Distribution to Popular Job Boards


Applicant Tracking System Software

Ad Hoc Job Posting

Data & Reporting

Career Site Metrics

Candidate Funnel

System Adoption & Usage

Optional Add-Ons

HRIS Integration – with your current HR management software

Psychometric & Culture Screening

Ability to Sponsor Job Ads

Have it All in a Week (or Less)

Let’s not waste anymore time.

The Core Bundle is designed to be integrated with your business in less than a week – seriously. The Talentcare team begins setting up your services and scheduling your reports the second you click “check out”. Find the best candidates with our cloud based hr software. 


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Once you’ve checked out, the Talentcare team takes the reins. They begin developing your ATS portal, career site and custom reports.


Your Talentcare Customer Success Representative will reach out within one business day to discuss any further details needed to get your new cloud-based online hr software up and running.


Your Talentcare Customer Success Representative will send training videos and guides for you to get your applicant tracking system (ATS) up and running for recruitment.

Your Future Looks Bright

The Core Bundle whips your HR practices into shape and prepares your business for what is ahead. See how our HR recruitment software gets companies ready for growth.

Increased Visibility

Your open positions are posted on all top job sites for candidates to see and you have a dedicated job listing section on your current business site. Our centralized hr management software allows you to post your open roles and sponsor job ads , directly in the platfrom.

Goodbye Clumsy Processes

Hello extra time! No more filtering through your resume flooded inbox and logging into each job posting sites to filter through submissions. Our candidate applicant tracking system allows you to easily narrow down the candidate pool and dedicate your time to the right candidates. Integrate directly into your current hr onboarding software and simplify the whole process.

Ready for Growth

You now have standard process in place and the HR application software and solutions to support it – it is easy to replicate whenever you are ready to hire. Our online (ATS) applicant tracking system provides job templates, offer letter send and advertising solutions that allow you to easily expand when the time comes. An added bonus - our ATS makes it easier on the applicant too!