Stop Worrying About Talent, We'll Handle It

PE Portfolio Company Recruitment Solutions

If you’re constrained in either growth or in profits because of talent (or lack of) let’s talk. We’re flexible and can help you with whatever you may need to solve your recruiting problems – an efficient application and interview process, employer branding, a full tech suite, data enhancements and even recruiters who can do the hard work for you. 

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Cross Talent Acquisition Off Your Board Meeting Agendas

You have to find the land, the customers, the leadership team and the funding. We’re here to handle the people aspect of it. We embed with the portfolio growth team and get it done with you.

Recruiting Resources

We'll help you attract, hire and retain the talent you've been searching for with our own ATS, branding team, analysts and recruiters. With our software and team, you'll increase your candidate flow, dedicate time to the right applicants and ensure a smooth and quick hiring process.

Top Tier Talent

Your private equity backed company can't growth and bring in the $$$ without quality talent. If your portfolio companies deliver their brand promise through a team of people you have to be selective and have a process in place that attracts and retains the best. We are here to help you build that process.

Meaningful Data & Metrics

We believe in data and all its powers. We have the data you want. From market data to compensation data, you'll be able use our reports and insights to influence all your business decisions moving forward.

Our turnover report gives you a full look at what is going on. The report includes what is happening by location, by role, what is causing it and what you can do to fix it.

Ready for us to take over and get it done? We are.

Case Study

With 10 clinics in 2 states, an opioid addiction treatment provider engaged Talentcare to pursue an aggressive growth strategy. The provider’s new COO implemented a rapid nationwide expansion initiative, they just received private equity funding and the internal team was unable to meet the needs. They needed help.

The client tasked Talentcare to provide recruitment services for the 4 key roles required to open new clinics, including hundreds of provider candidates nationwide. With 42 clinics and still growing, the client has never missed a clinic opening date due to lack of talent.

Talentcare established itself as a growth partner and trusted advisor with the client, participating with senior management in strategic expansion meetings and working to define and map internal processes. Talentcare also provided adjunct business development opportunities by facilitating introductions to insurers in targeted expansion states.


Set Up For Success

Talent shouldn’t be why you don’t hit your initial investment case. 

Efficient Recruiting Process

Rely on our team and software for a seamless process - including attracting, interviewing and hiring.

Actionable Insights

Our data and reports will provide you insight into what's working (what isn't) and what you should do about it.

Plan for Growth

You now have a standard process in place – it is easy to replicate whenever you are ready to expand further.

Happy Clients

We are proud to work with portfolio companies of these firms.

Let's join forces and fill your open positions.