Stand Up Tall:

The Current State of Recruiting for SMB companies and Three Ways To Deal With It


We keep reading articles about the abundance of people applying for jobs – heck we even wrote one – but there is more to it for small companies.

Securing talent is harder, and you’re going to have to put in more work to take advantage of all the people currently applying for jobs.

The abundance of job seekers isn’t quite enough because in the past, present and (hopefully not) future, small companies have had to compete with the big guys for the best talent. The big guys always seem to come out on top – and it is because of their resources and budget.

All is not lost! There are ways small companies can put up a fair fight against bigger companies and score the talent they not only want, but also need.

So here come all the job-seekers; let’s make sure you can capture them.

Stand Out? When You’re Small, You Need to Jump Up Really, Really High

So, we just finished saying there will be a tidal wave of applicants out job-hunting. Make sure you’re one of the companies they find by being visible. If your ideal candidate doesn’t see your job posting, how will they ever apply? Open positions should be on your career site (if you have one) and on the top job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor. Dedicate time to writing clear, concise job descriptions that give potential applicants a feel of what it will be like working at your company and show them why they should click that apply button.

Centralization Is Your New BFF

Your company might only have 10 employees, but remember how long it took to find that last hire? The process can quickly become overwhelming and time consuming. Scrolling through your inbox for resumes and logging into various job posting sites to narrow down candidates? No thanks. An easy-to-use applicant tracking system (ATS) will make it 10x times easier, possibly even more, for your staff and applicants. With everything all in one place, your staff will be able to see all applications at once, which stage of the interview process each candidate is in, communicate with applicants and manage the actions that come next. Not only will your staff be thanking you; it allows your candidates to have a smooth application experience too – beginning with the initial application and through the final offer letter stage.

See What’s Working (And What Isn’t)

Quick – think about the person on your team that you wish you had five more of…where did you find them? If you remember offhand, you’re one of the few. Most people don’t keep track of that stuff, and they are really missing out. How will you know where to invest if you aren’t tracking these things? Interestingly, the people in charge of hiring at your company may actually be the bottleneck. Does it take your HR manager 4 days to respond? Did they send one email to the top candidate a few weeks ago with no follow up? The only way you can possibly know this, is if you take a look at the data. Having the data & insights on job postings, the candidate funnel and the internal hiring process will help move candidates through, so start collecting that data ASAP.

Lucky for you, we’re a small business too and we’ve created a technology bundle that’s affordable and will give you everything the big guys have. For a few hundred a month, you can finally win the fight.

We’re ready to help you tackle any challenges.