WEBINAR Winning The Fight for Home Health Workers Against the Odds:

How The Right Technology Can Be a Game-Changer For Your Business ​

Eric Smith, CEO of Talentcare

Reliable staff is what will enable business growth, bring in more clients, generate more billable hours, and function as the quality seal for your business.

Reliable, loyal staff is vital for home health businesses. It is vital not only because your business needs a full staff to run operations smoothly; but also because the brand promise of your business is delivered daily through a team of client-facing workers.

Download the webinar to see how the right technology can be a game-changer for your business.

  • Stand out to qualified applicants
  • Reach new pools of talent
  • Polish your employer brand
  • Build a talent funnel for future hiring needs
  • Engage with candidates through a sophisticated system


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