Talentcare Survival Guide:

How to Change With the Times

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Talentcare has been around for a while, and we know a thing or two about navigating a swiftly changing job market.

Think back to the aftermath of the 2008 Recession. There was an abundance of applicants applying for every open position and this is exactly what is on the horizon. Companies are going to be faced with handling the mismatch between the number of open positions and the candidates who may be applying. Our CEO, Eric Smith, published an article discussing this conflict and what he recommends hiring managers do ASAP to prepare themselves.

We get asked all the time, “How can we prepare ourselves for all the changes ahead?” We asked our employees how they are dealing with the unknown and they had some great advice that we feel obligated to share.


10 Survival Tips:
  1. Identify efficiencies within your business 

  2. Operate lean
  3. Preparing for a market you don’t have experience with is intimidating – but go into it accepting that you’ll need to change your approach
  4. Welcome the challenges ahead and you’ll end up coming out stronger on the other side
  5. Give your internal team members the support that they need
  6. Be aware that moving forward, employees and job seekers  may be looking for something different in the companies they choose to work for
  7. Adjust and adapt your strategic goals and daily tasks
  8. Invest in external and internal cleanup projects
  9. Understand that your employees may have to take on new responsibilities in their home life, so give them the support and back up they need
  10. Take a step back and hit the reset button if you need to


The post-pandemic world is going to look a lot different to most. Companies, employees and job applicants will be navigating a new “normal”, without even knowing exactly what that means. As things continue to change, we need to make sure we are flexible, understanding and ready for whatever may come our way.

We’re ready to help you tackle any challenges.