Talentcare Interview Taylor Tyler

Advertising Manager
Joined Talentcare as a copywriter in 2019
Became an Advertising Manager in 2021

How long have you been with Talentcare?

Two years, I started on June 3rd, 2019. I started as a copywriter, then was a brand manager, and now advertising manager. There was some grey area in between, but we didn’t call it anything.


What did you do before Talentcare?

A lot of things. I worked at the computer information systems lab at Texas State and before that a breast cancer research lab where I developed nanoparticles for a breast cancer drug. My original major was bio-chem then I switched to economics where I focused on labor and financial economics. I got into journalism by writing for my friend’s movie blog and then covered e sport events. When I graduated, I started looking for copywriting jobs and that is how I ended up at Talentcare.

What does an “Advertising Manager” do at Talentcare?

I oversee the creative for all our recruiting ads and source & screen as well as core clients who purchase job ad writing. I also build and manage our vendor partnerships with partners like Indeed, Pandora and Spotify.

What challenges or exciting things are you seeing happen in this market?

It is the toughest labor market since the mid-70s during the infamous stagflation. As businesses are opening back up and everyone is trying to hire, there is a new labor movement happening at the same time. Job seekers are willing to wait for a job they really want and are confident enough to quit jobs they don’t want. 

What does your day-to-day look like?

It depends! I normally start out every morning checking ad and source & screen reports. I look at high-priority jobs, then talk to hiring manager liaisons and determine a strategy to get the roles filled. I then talk to brand managers to see how career sites are functioning and if we need to do any A/B testing for optimization. My afternoons are dedicated to partnerships. Setting up new campaigns, reviewing current ones and seeing what other opportunities we have – making sure we get the most out of every advertising dollar we spend on all channels.

Favorite part of the job?

Trying to build something that people know how to use and will make their lives easier. I want to be able to make something people can use instinctively. Knowing what people want before they want it.

What exciting things are going on in your life right now?

I just got my first passport. I am going to travel out of the country for the first time ever next year. Either Nice, France, or Tokyo, still deciding.

Some other exciting things about me – I bought a car two weeks ago, I lost 30 pounds over the last year and I am going to Vegas over Labor Day weekend.

Who do you want to be featured in the next “Meet a TCer” article?

Ntuna because he had his own HR tech startup before coming to Talentcare, and I’ve got to know more.