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The Unexpected Places Ideal Optician Candidates are Job-Seeking


Our research, experience and conversations with eye care clients have taught us a thing or two about opticians.

We recently published our findings in our Seeing Things Clearly: How to Hire the Best Opticians white paper that explains where these candidates are job-seeking, what competencies to look for and how to identify top candidates throughout the interview process. The excerpt below explains how top opticians across the United States found their current roles.

Only about 1 in 5 top performers found their current position on Glassdoor or Indeed.

Talentcare conducted a survey and reached out to 349 Opticians who were either nominated by their practices as top performers or were actively investing in their career through continued learning.


Talentcare works with hundreds of optometry practices across the country and has a strong grasp on what entails a good optician. Take note – high performing opticians are all about communication, the details, and teamwork. Keep reading for the scoop on what you can do as a company to identify these criteria throughout the interview process and keep them on your team for the long haul.

Top performers are leaning on word of mouth recommendations as well as online job postings. In order to even be considered by these top candidates, you need to have your open positions posted on your website and on job boards where they are searching; but, most importantly, they need to be attractive and entice the candidates to actually apply.

Make sure your postings and career site are easy to navigate, feature impactful company reviews and give the candidate a glimpse into what it is like to work for you. Your current employees stick around for a reason, so take the time to ask them why and make sure all potential candidates will want to, too! Download the full white paper to see how you can hire the best opticians.

Download our full eye-opening optician hiring guide.