Case Study: Franchisor

Seamless Hiring
for Franchisees

Unifying the talent system across
independent locations.


Disjointed Talent System

This franchisor was struggling to leverage talent across their network. Jobs for each franchisee were sprawled across separate pages for each location, leading to disorganized hiring information. Additionally, without employer branding, job seekers had no way of learning why they should want to work at any one of the locations. Plus, the franchisor had no actionable reports to influence recruiting successes or failures within individual franchisees. 

Communication was disconnected, and corporate was unable to support a key factor to franchisee success.
Lack of employer brand led to low applicant volume.
With no data, there was no insight on steps towards improvement.

Consolidating Talent Acquisition

Data is fully insulated so the franchisor never sees applicant data, interview notes or anything else that could put them at joint employer risk.

All jobs centralized onto a single career site

Job seekers can search by location and see jobs at any franchisee near them – (so if a job isn’t open at the practice next door, they can consider the one 15 miles down the road).

Custom reports about how franchisees are using the system

Along with best practice guidance and automated reports delivered to operational leaders who help franchisees optimize their processes for success.

A central employer brand 

Tells the story of the similarities among the hundreds of independent employers. What makes these independent practices reflective of the overall brand?

6 Months by the Numbers

Requisitions activated by franchisees
1500 +
Candidates visiting the career site
0 +


Higher Applicant Volume

More robust talent network and enhanced applicant flow across locations.

Better Applicant Experience

Higher system adoption and better adherence to best practices, leading to a great candidate experience and therefore higher recruiting success overall.

Consistent Culture Alignment

Long-term alignment of culture - job seekers who fit the overall culture self-select in, resulting in more consistent delivery of care and better retention over time.

Increased SEO

Organic search from SEO is the 4th highest source of candidate traffic

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