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With the world beginning to open back up, you’re going to need to be fully staffed (something you probably weren’t for the last year). Are you ready to scale quickly?  We are here to help you staff your restaurant with quality staff and prepare for growth. Let’s get started. Get your 15 minute consultation today.

Your employees are your biggest assets

Your restaurant employees are responsible for what type of experience your customers get – so they have to be great. Talentcare is here to help you attract and hire the top talent your restaurant needs in the back of house and front of house. Solve your restaurant recruitment problems today.

Save Time & Money Posting Ads

There are thousands of hourly positions posted on job boards each day. It is important that your job is at the top of the list. Post your job openings on all the best job boards through one system and gather applicants in one place.

Stop Wasting Time With The Wrong Candidates

Using pre-screening questionnaires with knock-out questions and automated scoring can help you focus on the talent that will give your customers a great experience.

Help Hiring Managers Stay Staffed

Being able to see what is happening at each location helps you coach the hiring managers who need it to improve recruiting results. Get better reports and data to show you what actions will make a difference.

Don't waste any more time. Our Core Bundle has everything you need to fill your open positions and will be up and running in less than a week.

Talentcare has helped us hire candidates that fit our needs and our culture. Their applicant tracking system is easy-to-use and saves hiring managers from reviewing unqualified applicants.

We were up and running with Talentcare in 2 days! Their easy-to-use system helps us recruit and screen candidates quickly.

Must Haves

Our Core Bundle offers all the recruiting solutions you need to build a strong talent acquisition process for your restaurant. This is what is included.

HR Tech Ecosystem

Easily filter through candidates and post your open positions to popular job boards - all in the same platform.

- Applicant Tracking System
- Job Distribution to Popular Job Boards
- Career Site with SEO & Branding

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Data & Reporting

See what is working and what isn't. Actionable reports and meaningful recruiting KPIs will improve your current processes and guide your future ones.

- Career Site Metrics
- Candidate Funnel
- System Adoption & Usage

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Let's fill your restaurant's open positions. Our core solution is fast, affordable and easy-to-use.